Maria Deesy - Right on the money as usual Rose! Thank you my friend

Susan Kelly-Hauner - Thank you as always right on the money baby!!

Raul Morales - Talk about being right on. Thank you so much dear Rose!

Derneeka Nicole - Couldn't have been any more on point!

Ana Lisa Schwartz - Thanks rose. For being good at what you do and being honest

Irene Windhorse - Wow you were so right on with the messages I've been getting, Rose!

   Thank you for the reading!

Dorine D'Angelo -  The card you pulled couldn't BE any more right on

Colette Russell - Always on the mark Rose. Thank you.

Tracy Waters - Good one!! Thank you my friend! Good timing on that one!

Donnamarie Shortt Kavanah - Awesome! Thank you, thank you SO much!

Restita DeJesus - Your card pick is spot on about what i need to be doing. thanks !!!

Lisa Ann Akner - Very accurate Rose. Thank you

Jacob L. Cooper - Rose is a wonderful intuitive advisor and great to talk to

Allie Cheslick - Bless your heart, thank you very much it is deeply received with gratitude and grace!

   It's actually disgustingly perfect for this moment in my life! 

Equine Kneads Colleen - You are Amazing and right as always!!!

Tracy Waters - Thank you sweetie! You and your cards work very well together!

 Linda Colibert - Your reading was excellent! Thank you so much! 

CaroLyn LamimosaArt - Thank you! Unreal!

Maryellen Scanlon - Perfect!!! Ty what I am working on. Namaste.

Len Compton Thanks!! Right on target!!!

Nola Snyder Thanks Rose ❤️ You are the best. Literally The perfect message. 













Scott Cruz - Psychic to RHOC Tamra Judge

as seen on Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Orange County   

"Rose was spot on. The one thing I loved the most was her honesty.

She also is in-tune to the the truth of how the future is created. She told me things about my relationships and my work life that was extremely helpful. I also do energy work and rely on Rose to help with insight and I'm thankful she is one of the real deals out there!"