Make The Agreement To Be YOU!

Have you ever read or given any thought to The Four Agreements, the ones we unconsciously break with ourselves and others on a daily basis? For me this book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz is possibly the greatest book ever written. Yes, over the Bible, because it’s like an owner’s manual on how to live a good life and be happy or how not to cause mass destruction or how not to hurt people or harm them out of ignorance. How to awaken to a higher consciousness and find peace within yourself.

The First Agreement is be impeccable with your word. Has anybody seen that this has gotten worse and worse. People just don’t care if what they say is true or if it’s real or if it’s a fact or if it’s hearsay, gossip or plain BS. They just don’t care anymore if it’s true or not. Most people say whatever they feel like saying giving no thought to the consequences of their words or how they affect others.

The next agreement is “Don’t take anything personally”. What great egos we all have believing that the world is always talking about us and that we are the main focus subject of the universe. LOL that is not the case it’s our own lack of self-esteem or our craving for attention that makes us feel that we are the central subject.

The next and my favorite agreement is “Never assume” never ever assume, and again we’re all so jaded, that we assumed all kinds of things which can damage egos or can result in a fight with someone else for no reason. It can also be a cause of great stress, anxiety, worry, and anger none of which is good for our health or our relationships with those around this and any other contented way of life.

The next Agreement is “Always do your best”. Think about it none of us are superhuman, therefore, the only thing we can do is our best and that’s just perfectly good enough. Too many times, trying to live someone else’s dream or the dream we were brainwashed with growing up causes us to push too hard and try to do way too much.

Doing your work on self if you are doing the work you need to do, and learning your lessons and making an income to help you meet your needs and some small wants and living productive life with integrity that means you ARE doing your absolute best 100% of the time. Don’t give in to an ego that pushes you to do more for it’s own sake.

You are perfect just the way you are, in your own unique authenticity and that is what the universe is calling for in the new year 2017. It’s about being authentic and honest and claiming your power, which you then need to share with the world. Step out of your comfort zone where you have been existing and start living your own, true life. The world needs YOU!

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