Knowing When To Let Go

Knowing When To Let Go

Is continuing along my path in this way for my best and highest good?

If the answer is no then just let go, let it go. It’s perfectly fine to continue to love a friend and put boundaries in place so that they do not impeded your progress. You can love someone from afar and stay friends from afar but realize that regardless of the closeness you two once had, if your friend is bringing you down and not respecting you, and holding you back from healing and growing and progressing, the time has come for you to leave this relationship and to go on with your life so that you can obtain your own spiritual growth. We do not all grow at the same rate and even though you still love your friend, you must go your separate way as to not impede your own personal growth. Not to be or sound selfish but the bottom line is that if what’s going on in your life or what you’re doing in your life is not for your best and highest good it’s time to make a change, take a turn; go right, go left but change needs to be made. This change is totally in your control.

As they say the only thing constant is change and also and this is seen by many people who are growing spiritually in leaps and bounds and as hey say “better alone than in bad company”. Bad company doesn’t mean evil-bad, dangerous and terrible company all the time but it means company that is kind of stagnant, holding you back from your calling and mission in life and does nothing for your growth, both personally and spiritually. There’s nothing to benefit you there in that relationship. That’s what that means. The bottom line is live everyday with the wonder of a 3 year old having new experiences every day not anticipating anything, not expecting anything just enjoying whatever comes up next and be happy. Living a life of gratitude. We were never taught that the universe really just wants us all to be happy. We’re the ones that put a lot of angst and pressure and stress on our self. Never be afraid to walk your own path. Your freedom is out there. You will find it in your own authenticity. Follow your soul~

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