Bigger, better, more more more. Really?

Did anyone ever think that we have become a society set up for depression, illness and unhappiness?

It seems we have all adopted a manner of being where we lost all that matters and is truly important running away from ourselves and our spirituality and true essence in search of a dream that simply does not exist. Everyone’s looking for that one divine, mind blowing experience that will change their lives! Look within. It’s all inside of us; not outside.

Tantra, oooooooh, possibly the best sex yet. Do we look at it for what it actually IS or are we on the “instant coffee fast track” just looking for another “high”. Do we even take the time to study it and learn it first before rushing in like a starving dog, tongue hanging out, mind totally disconnected from the brain? No sense of purpose, connection, the art, the ritual etc.

The same with food. Many shove subpar fast food meals down their gullet just to satisfy a hunger. No regard, respect, concern for our bodies, our “temples”, hmmm, ourselves. There’s always a way to prepared, via simple ritual, a healthy meal or snack, if we just take the time. Time….we all want to live longer, but for what…. to keep practicing the laziness we’ve grown accustomed to? Where’s the self love, the love of self, which then brings us to the next point.

Love, we move from friend to friend, person to person, relationship to relationship, hungering for love. All the while begging for someone to give it to us. Yes, that which we fail to give ourselves, we expect, want, desire, need from another and more than likely we try to get this from someone in the same place. Relationship FAIL! Then comes the blame game. Look within? Oh, no, don’t want to go there because that is one scary place. That means I would actually have to be honest with me, be raw, see things as they really are and possibly start to accept myself, walk my talk and get real and actually be AUTHENTIC. Smoke and mirrors, lies, denial, blaming the world, etc. is a much easier route to take and keeps me in my unreal, deluded and useless “comfort zone”. A place where I can repeat and repeat and repeat the same crap and pass the time until I die. What a life!

Simply, tune out all the noise, chatter, monkey mind nonsense, the crap people are trying to sell you, convince you of, shove on you and go within your own soul. The answers are all there. The biggest and best advice is to just SIMPLIFY your life. Love yourself, love your temple, connect with Divine Source and wake up every day in total and full gratitude and embrace the day like a child. Drop your ego and the need to impress. Be humble, be love, be happy.

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