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Coming from a Lineage of Psychics and Healers, I believe that taking care of our health we must take of all our bodies.  All our "bodies" (aura) must be maintained and healed when necessary.  This means the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual bodies.  In addition to being a Psychic/Medium, and Minister I am also an energy worker, Certified Medical Reiki™ Master and Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner and Shihan.  I am as passionate about healing as I am about helping people find their way.


Distance Energy Work is often used to:

  • Enhance physical and mental healing

  • Increase self love and self awareness

  • Release fear and increase trust

  • Getting rid of emotional problems such as fear, depression, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

  • Balancing our emotions and our 7 major Chakras

  • Improved recovery time for specific injuries/recoveries to any part of the body

  • Healing addictions and PTSD

  • Helping with relationship challenges

  • Improves sleep and the ability to relax

  • Assists the body in its own highest level of healing and wellness

  • Releases stress and tension and calms the mind

  • Restores and balances the body/mind/spirit

  • Promotes an overall sense of well being

Distance sessions can be from a distance, the same way a Psychic Reading can. Think, Quantum Physics! Energy transcends time and space, which means a certified practitioner who is in a different location can do a session with a client at anytime, anywhere in the world. This is called Distance Energy Work. Distance Energy Work makes it extremely convenient for sessions to be scheduled where the client can be comfortable at home. I have personally found that distance sessions are often more powerful and can take less time than in person sessions. It also allows the client to stay relaxed and calm after a session since they do not have to get in the car and drive home, or continue with daily activities and demands.

Centering & Balancing Energy Session

Are you STRESSED to the Max? This session promotes deep relaxation, centering, balance and releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional auric bodies, bringing the recipient back to a balanced state allowing the natural flow of energy through the body to promote healing and remove stress. $95.00


Deep ‘Emotional Body’ Energy Session


Emotional Pain - To Heal It We Need To Acknowledge It. Acknowledging emotional pain may seem like an obvious step in the healing process that everyone is already doing. If you’re in pain, you already know it, right? Not always.  Many of us have a surprising amount of emotional trauma in our energy field that lies below our conscious awareness.  It can be there for years.  It is common for us to become practiced at denial of emotional pain in order to function in our lives. Unconsciously we have learned how to keep the pain at bay so we can get through. Often, the energetic imbalance within us actually causes us to create more imbalance as an attempt to gain equilibrium.   This is my personally developed, unique and custom Deep ‘Emotional Body’ Energy Session which goes deep to provide the ultimate emotional and mental healing    $100.00  


Atlantean Energy Session 

This high vibrating energy has been used in the healing temples of Atlantis by the healing priests and priestesses. The Atlantean Techniques of Healing are a combination of the ancient techniques that were

used in the temples. Atlantean Techniques Sessions are designed to balance the energy fields.


Each session is assisted by the energies of St. Germain and his Violet Flame, just as they were in the Healing Temple of Archangel Zadkiel and the Seventh (Violet) Ray who assist with the application of the energy and healing process. Rose, as a High Priestess who worked in this temple in a past life in Atlantis, channels this energy once again in this lifetime to bring this very high vibrational and powerful healing technique to all

who need it today. Although a very powerful energy,  it feels gentle when receiving it.  Atlantean crystals

are employed with this session.      $125.00



Natural Advanced Healing

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