I am here for YOU, when you are in a place to accept truth, allow & surrender to what no longer serves you. When you are ready to move Forward & Claim your Divine Power

What to Expect

To insure that you receive a good Reading, come into it with a fully open mind, free of expectation and any anxiety.  The more relaxed you are the better your Reading will be


Taking into consideration we all get what we need when we need it most.  Contrary to the much publicized "Law of Attraction" life is not a genie's lamp wherein we are granted "wishes" and get all our "desires".  Life is like school or a game.  As you pass each challenge you proceed to the next level.  No one goes from kindergarden straight to Graduate School.  If we are set in our own egos and ignorance, stubbornly refusing to learn, regardless of the opportunities afforded us, we stay stuck in stagnation.


Be fluid and flexible, living always in the now.  Embrace the possibilities that await you outside your comfort zone.  See your ife as you did when you were a child, full of excitement, wonder, beauty and new opportunities at every turn.  Surrender, accept and allow.

We have been coerced into believing in our own Egos.  We want what we want and we want it NOW!  Desire and want are governed by this Ego. 

The universe is always there, backing us up and having our back with regard to our needs.  A tough teacher, it doesn't give into a petulant child (us when we are full of Ego, desire and wants). It teaches us that it's not all about us; life here and now is about learning, growing and evolving.  With each lesson we learn we grow and that's what life is about.


You are always given what you need if you just trust in the universe and learn your lessons.


Unlike "fortune tellers" I don't foretell your future.  I give you the information you need so that you can shape your own future.  You are always in control of what happens in your life.  You have your God-given free will to go forth and succeed or not.  It is all in your hands.

In the words of Einstein "timing is relative".  The universe does not operate on our 3D time.  In fact, since the universe is multi-dimentional time is "fluid" not set in stone....it moves through the dimensions.  


If there is a "time" to be known during the reading, Spirit will give it to me and I will give it to you, which the understanding that it may shift.  This does not, as many think, mean the psychic was wrong. 


Some times we are all on a "need to know" basis and at the time of your Reading, you simply do not need to know. 

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